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      Let’s Make Some Noize Productively

      Metaphor holds amazing music lessons for preschool and school age children. Our music teacher is Galina Tarasova, who graduated from the Gnessin Russian Academy of Music and authored unique methodologies for working with preschool children. Every class taught by Galina is not just comprehensive work on singing, rhythm and musical hearing development, but rather a unique chance for creative music collaboration. Children’s orchestra is a search, a discovery, and a pleasure from creating a rhythmic pattern and a melody together. Playing in a jug band allows a child to discover sounds in all their amplitude and infinity.

      The structure of these lessons ensures gradual musical skills development and facilitates children’s further immersion in the magic world of music. At first, children learn to mark the downbeat by clapping their hands, then they move on to such simple instruments as wooden spoons, maracas, tambourines, and sticks. In a little while, children start “hearing” the upbeat notes, and that’s where more intricate rhythmic patterns are introduced into their performance. During their lessons and performances, our young musicians provide accompaniment for vivid folk melodies and often even recreate simple jazz pieces.

      It’s no news that a child’s musical development has to start in early childhood, because this is when their musical talent starts forming. Playing in a jug band is extremely important for children, since apart from developing the sense of rhythm and melody, teaching to coordinate between hearing, voice and movement, as well as to focus and perform on a stage — apart from this all, it fosters love for music. And according to a great philosopher, “Without music life would be a mistake”.