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      About Us

      The Metaphor International School was founded in Virginia, VA in 2005. The word ‘metaphor’ for one source is interpreted as ‘allegory’, for others as ‘the transfer of meaning in words’. For the past 16 years our Center has been bringing together a multicultural Russian-speaking community through education here in the United States.

      The teaching team sees its main task in providing dual-lingual education to children of different age groups and international background, supporting bilingual upbringing and development. Students and teachers at Metaphor speak in 18 languages.We are convinced that the creative attitude to the educational process and the emotional interpretation of the material under study provide the most natural and organic conditions for the mastering of knowledge both in children of different age categories and in adults.

      Our mission and values

      We strive to motivate our students to explore and grow both academically and socially, to develop fundamental skills and essential knowledge for living and working in a multicultural and globalized world.

      We provide a challenging, individually-tailored educational experience for our diverse Russian- and English- speaking community where children are inspired to think, collaborate, create, and lead.

      • Our goal is to create an exciting bilingual atmosphere for learning, exploring and making new discoveries.
      • We acknowledge and encourage the diversity of cultures to foster acceptance and respect for everyone.
      • We are devoted to building confidence in every aspect of our students’ potential – academic achievements, personal performance, strong social and communicating skills.
      • Our teaching approach recognizes the unique individual needs of each child and assures a personalized attention during the class.
      • Our faculty incorporates best international pedagogical practices and shares innovations to support children in their everyday adventure.

      The basic program of our center includes such disciplines as logic, grammar basics, reading and developing speech for younger groups; Russian language, literature, rhetoric, history – for seniors.

      From Monday to Saturday in the morning and evening times our Center offers: