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      Winter Camp

      Exciting fun and creative activities!

      Are you still wondering what your child will do these winter holidays? We welcome elementary and middle school students to unique winter experience!

      At Metaphor, we offer lots of fun-filled games and brain-exercising activities to keep children happy and productively engaged!

      Enjoy your winter break while having fun with friends and learning something new and interesting, including:

      • Speech Games
      • Drawing
      • Ceramics
      • Choreography
      • Chess
      • Science
      • Drama
      • Outside Activities
      • Sport Games
      • Field Trips
      • Fun Games & much more…

      All our camps are taught by professional teachers and instructors.

      Schedule: Winter Program classes are held every day from 8am until 6pm.

      Food: the meal package (four meals a day) is included in the cost of this Program.

      Registration: you can choose for your child to attend all days OR certain days only (may be non-consecutive).

      The detailed information is available upon request at

      We will do everything to make this winter camp experience unforgettable!