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      Summer Camp

      Summer Camp at Metaphor International School in Falls Church, Virginia

      Welcome to a Unique Summer Experience!

      Summer Sessions 2024 Creative Nature Discovery Growing Social Teen
      I Session: June 17 – June 21 & June 24 – June 28
      II Session: July 1 – July 5 & July 8 – July 12
      III Session: July 15 – July 19 & July 22 – July 26
      IV Session: July 29 – August 2 & August 5 – August 9
      V Session (1/2 session): August 12 – August 16
      *June 19 & July 4, 2024 – Federal Holidays, School is Closed.

      Are you looking for an enriching and fun summer program for your child? Metaphor International School in Virginia is excited to announce our Summer Camp sessions, running from June 17 to August 16. Our camps offer a unique language immersion experience combined with a variety of exciting activities designed for Elementary and Middle school students.


      Growing Social Tween Camp

      Ages 10-13 | Five Sessions

      This camp focuses on:

      • Team Building Training
      • Experiential Learning
      • Self-Control Techniques
      • Outdoor Sports Activities
      • Emotional Intelligence Development
      • Effective Communication Skills
      • Making New Friends
      • Time Management
      • Goal Achievement


      • One field trip per session
      • Daily swimming pool activities
      • Meals included

      Nature Discovery Camp

      Ages 7-10 | Five Outdoor Sessions

      This camp offers:

      • Making New Friends
      • Experiential Learning
      • Team Building Exercises
      • Orienteering and navigation
      • Exciting Nature Exploration
      • Introduction to Wilderness Survival Skills
      • Activities to build self-confidence, focus, and agility
      • Environmental stewardship projects
      • Nature photography and sketching


      • One field trip per session
      • Daily swimming pool activities
      • Meals included

      Creative Camp

      Ages 6-9 | Five Sessions

      This camp includes:

      • Music
      • Theater and Drama
      • Drawing and Sculpture
      • Ceramics and Animation Design
      • Science, Logic, and Math
      • Russian Language Fun Activities
      • Outdoor games and sports
      • Storytelling and creative writing
      • Cooking and culinary arts


      • One field trip per session
      • Daily swimming pool activities
      • Meals included

      Why Choose Our Summer Camp?

       Flexible Enrollment: Join at any time during the summer.

       Full-Day Programs: Choose from 8 AM to 4 PM or extend to 6 PM.

       High-Quality Meals: Our camp provides top-notch meals for all children.

       Safe and Comfortable Environment: Our facilities are designed to ensure maximum safety and comfort for your child.

       Language Immersion:  All classes and activities are conducted both in Russian and English, providing a full immersion experience.

       Qualified Instructors:  Our team consists of experienced educators and professionals dedicated to your child’s growth and enjoyment.

       Comprehensive Programs:  A blend of educational and recreational activities ensures a balanced and enriching summer.

      How to Enroll

      To register your child, please follow these steps:

      Fill Out the Summer Camp 2024 (

      Submit Mandatory Forms: Upload or email all required documents to

      Deposit Payment: Submit a deposit equal to two weeks’ tuition plus a $40 processing fee. Instructions for electronic payment via Brightwheel will be provided.

      Get In Touch

      If you have any questions or need further assistance, don’t hesitate to reach out. We are here to help!

      Contact Us for More Information: Summer Camp 2024 (

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      We look forward to a wonderful and fun-filled summer together!

      *You can choose for your child to attend certain weeks only. Please fill out the form and let us know the exact dates, so we can update your enrollment accordingly. *School Office will email you Summer Camp Policy and Authorization Form for Skin Products Usage upon completed enrollment form receipt. *The detailed daily schedule, the description of each course and menu are available upon request at  

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