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      World Languages

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      Metaphor Academic Center offers a special Saturday program, which prepares middle school students for such exams, as the NEWL (Prototype AP Russian) and Credit Exam for World Languages.

      Read now: NEWL/Prototype AP Russian vs. World Languages Exam

      Why should I take this exam?

      The exam is designed to assess language proficiency and enable students to earn two pass-or-fail credits (levels one and two) in the language. Credits are added to the student transcript and are applicable toward fulfilling the world languages requirement for the Advanced Studies Diploma.

      The Age of the Examinees

      The exam is for students in grades 7 through 12 who speak Russian.

      Qualifications for World Languages Exam

      Students must be able to read and comprehend the exam as well as writing prompts in the exam language. An essay is an important part of the exam. The content of the exam and the lanks of the essay may vary in each county.

      How can I prepare for the exam?

      Pre-Ap and AP groups at Metaphor Academic Center focus on writing, listening, and reading assignments, similar to World Languages and NEWL subtests.

      Beginning from the 9th grade (children from ages 12-13) Metaphor school includes ESSAY writing training in Russian in its programs. Children learn how to write essays, the main rules of writing essays, improve their essay writing skills, analyze their and other authors’ essays. Also, in parallel, work is underway to expand students’ vocabulary on the given topics (“Family”, “School”, “Free time”, etc.), as well as working on spelling and punctuation.


      Each student has to contact his/her school in order to register for the World Languages exam. Please note that each county has its own exam regulations.

      For Fairfax County Public Schools’ students:

      • Registration is open till February 26, 2021
      • Online exam is scheduled between March 2 and 10
      • More info here.

      For Arlington County Public Schools’ students:

      • Registration for SENIORS only is open till March 5, 2021;
      • Online exam is scheduled on April 12, 2021, or alternate date TBC.
      • More info here.

      For Loudoun County Public Schools’ students:

      The ACTFL Assessment of Performance toward Proficiency in Languages® (AAPPL) is only offered for senior students in 2021. Learn more here.

      For Maryland Public Schools’ students:

      World Languages Exam is an assessment of high proficiency in one or more languages, and if appropriate the Seal of Biliteracy achievement is included in his/her graduation documentation. Please kindly contact your school administration in order to register for the exam.

      For Washington, D.C. students:

      Middle school students should receive world language instruction in grades 7 and 8 and have an opportunity to begin their learning in grade 6. Students are eligible to receive high school credit as part of their coursework. High school: All students must graduate high school with a minimum of 2 credits in a world language. Learn more here.

      For Alexandria City Public Schools’ students:

      ACPS students in grades six through 12 with the ability to comprehend and communicate in languages other than English now have the opportunity to earn up to three high school credits for world languages as the result of a new School Board policy and regulation. Learn more here.

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