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        Drawing and creativity is the best way to develop cognitive abilities and fine motor skills, including hand and finger coordination, which prepares the child for writing letters in the future. At art class, children acquire the skills of visual arts and creativity. They work on understanding and observing colors in everyday life. Artistic activities contribute not only to the flowering of the imagination and creative thinking of the child, but[...]


        Music lessons develop in the child a sense of melody, rhythm, and harmony, as well as providing voice and auditory coordination. Music lessons at our Center are designed to acquaint students with Russian songs and folk melodies. Children learn to distinguish and express different emotions in music. Every child gets the opportunity to play musical instruments to develop a sense of rhythm and musical consistency. Lada folk group gives the[...]


        ‘We do not teach how to pronounce words, but to put meaning into words’ Theater is a magical force that opens the door to the unusually bright and diverse world of a child, where there is room for all possible plots, characters and languages. Role playing is the best way to share information. Emotional interpretation is the best way to learn the material. The theater studio at our Center was[...]


        Dance classes provide an excellent foundation that will last a lifetime. Along with the development of a sense of rhythm and melody, the development a musical ear, the ability to concentrate and move on the stage, studies in the studio instill the most important thing - the love of music and dance. Each rehearsal is a search, discovery and joy of creating a single rhythmic drawing. Each performance is an[...]


        Ceramics classes contribute to the development of the child’s imagination and creative thinking. Through the images embodied in clay, the little man tries to express what he cannot yet say in words. Modeling is recommended to accelerate the development of finger motility, which in turn stimulates the work of the brain area responsible for the development of speech. During the lessons, children discover the secrets of creating Russian traditional Dymkovo,[...]

        Math Classes

        Math classes help to develop logical thinking, fast reactions, and a well coordinated mindset. Our tasks: Stimulating enthusiasm for the development of mathematical skills through an informal discussion of tasks in an atmosphere of friendly competition Development of skills for solving non-standard problems that do not arise in the traditional school curriculum Development of a creative approach to problem solving Development of children's self-confidence, the ability to work in a[...]


        Playing chess provides students of such benefits as great memory, problem-solving skills, an enhanced ability of perspective thinking, and potential improvement in Math and Science. Chess classes will teach your child game strategies of the great grandmasters, as well as develop a tactical mindset, logic of building tactics and ability to predict the most unexpected opponent’s moves.[...]