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      The word "metaphor" for one source is interpreted as ‘allegory’, for others as ‘the transfer of meaning in words’.

      The Metaphor International School was founded in Virginia, VA in 2005. The teaching team sees its main task in preserving linguistic and cultural traditions among the Russian- speaking population of the United States, as well as in spreading knowledge about the Russian historical heritage among Americans.

      We are convinced that a creative approach to the process of learning and its emotional interpretation assure the most natural and organic conditions for mastering knowledge for children of different age groups and adults.

      The basic program of our center includes such disciplines as logic, grammar basics, reading and developing speech for younger groups; Russian language, literature, rhetoric, history – for seniors.

      From Monday to Saturday in the morning and evening times our Center offers:

      • Weekday Programs
      • After School Program
      • Saturday Academic Program
      • Monday Academic Program
      • AP Russian Program
      • Creative Studios
      • Speech Therapist
      • Summer Camp
      • Winter Camp
      • Spring Camp