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      Two Languages Are Better Than One, or the Priceless Gift of Bilingualism

      “As many languages you know, as many times you are a human being” Anton Chekhov

      Metaphor Academic Center offers summer creative programs aimed at awakening bilinguals’ potential at its full at various stages of age and linguistic development.

      Bilingualism is an amazing and complex phenomenon. To better study it, contemporary science has gathered not only linguists, but also psychologists, sociologists, ethnographers, and historians. It’s a great preventive measure against Alzheimer’s disease and dementia in older people, and a powerful incentive to form a bright and outstanding personality in younger people.

      So what is the secret of bilinguals’ success, their flexibility and creativity? The thing is every language has its own stylistics, its own special logic, unique grammatical and lexical structures. The differences in conveying information and expressing feelings can be explained and are inevitably influenced by people’s specific living circumstances. Isn’t it peculiar that English has more verbs and Russian has more nouns? An English speaker is more likely to act, while a Russian speaker is more inclined to observation and reflection. Children mastering multiple languages develop organizational skills and efficiency without losing their ability to observe and think philosophically.

      Studying a new language helps children learn new unique ways of expressing themselves, expand their emotional responses range, enriches their social experience, and inspires their creativity. Read more>>