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Elena Klimacheva

Klimacheva Elena  1 - Metaphor School


  • PhD in Psychology and Pedagogy, Russian Language Instructor


  • Moscow State Pedagogy University, major in pedagogy and psychology, Russia;
  • Moscow Institute of Open Education, Department of International Education, major in Russian as foreign language, Russia;
  • Moscow Psychological and Pedagogical Institute, major in neuropsychological diagnosis and correction, Russia;
  • Moscow Institute of Psychotherapy and Clinical Psychology;
  • Russian Cultural Center, seminar for Russian language teachers for bilingual children, USA.


  • Associate Professor of the Chair of Pedagogy and Psychology and author of many manuals on pedagogy and psychology;
  • Special education teacher at Istok Center for Psychological and Pedagogical Correction and Rehabilitation, Moscow, Russia;
  • Special education teacher at the Center for Psychological Correction and Rehabilitation for children and youth, Korolyev, Russia;
  • Preschool teaching methods specialist and day nursery organizer, Moscow, Russia;
  • Collaboration with popular publications for parents: “Krokha and I”, “Nash Malysh”, Russia;
  • Employee at Metaphor Academic Center since 2010.


  • Honored with Certificate of the Ministry of Education and Science of Russian Federation;
  • Teacher-psychologist of the highest qualification category, Russia.