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      Child’s Development: Transitional Period or Permanent Growth Problem?

      Metaphor Academic Center is actively preparing for the new school year. As the imminent school year is approaching, caring moms’ and dads’ hearts fill up with worry. They worry not so much about their one-of-a-kind child’s intellectual development level, but rather about them being independent and organised enough, responsive and open to new knowledge, as well as flexible enough to adapt to a new environment. All these factors will inevitably affect the amount of time needed for homework, the amount of parents’ involvement into it, and the level of tension at home!

      Parents’ task is as far from being simple as it can get. They need to learn their child’s personal and behavioral traits and patterns, and elaborate a common approach to them. Treat all the distinctive features of your child’s perception and response as part of the normal course of events and remember that all children, even the most ordinary ones, go through these natural developmental stages.

      Safe travels to you, dear parents! You’re not alone on this path. You’re surrounded by the responsiveness and professionalism of our caring teachers. Your confidence is reinforced by understanding the law of reciprocating motion and believing that all growth difficulties will be eventually replaced by peaceful, productive independence that your children were brave enough to win and deserve beyond all doubt.