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      Arts Kaleidoscope, or How Professionals are Born

      Summer adventures at Metaphor are in full swing! During the third two-week summer camp session, we invite you to come to our arts, talents and inspiration parade.

      School breaks are a perfect time for recreation, having fun and exposing children to art. Every child is talented — some draw, some dream about the stage, others write fairy tales. Just take a little time to reveal the talent and to help it thrive. And even if you are a hundred percent sure your child is technically oriented and has no artistic or musical inclination whatsoever, don’t be in a hurry to convince your child of that. Remember, Einstein played the violin. There must have been a reason for that…

      The fact that music boosts the development of math skills has been proved by tons of research papers. 70% of the Oxford university music club is comprised of the university’s math and physics professors.

      If your child starts writing poems or even stories out of the blue, don’t give up and don’t consider him or her to grow up an unrecognized genius. They are likely to become a doctor — a brilliant surgeon or a wonderful physician. Doctors write stories all their lives, they write their patients’ medical histories that are always full of people’s tragedies or miracle recoveries.

      A love for drawing, whether with pencils or paints, does not necessarily mean the person will become an unrecognized artist. Quite the opposite! Your child might become an architect, which is not bad at all for the young painter’s future well-being. Public speech skills require polishing from early childhood, and the best way to do it is through acting and rhetoric exercises. Ceramics, molding, any form modeling, from origami to robotics, develops abstract thinking that is essential for a future engineer. Give your child the gift of drama, art, music, sculpture and modeling classes! Let us develop their skills and interests that they will need later when they decide to become doctors, lawyers, or scientists!