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      In the world of clay pots and ceramic dream

      Metaphor Academic Center opened an applied arts workshop in the new new school year. Ceramics lessons made a great addition to the academic program aimed at the young talents’ harmonious development.

      Ceramics, just like any other artistic activity, boosts the development or your child’s imagination and creative thinking. Through the images brought to life in clay children convey what they cannot yet put in words. Clay modeling, among other activities, is recommended as a means to develop fine motor skills that in turn stimulate brain areas responsible for speech development. Little hands and fingers eventually become nimble, movements get precise, and vocabulary grows rich and vivid.

      Another important aspect is how labor-intensive the process of creating clay models is. It requires attention, patience, preciseness, and inevitably teaches to be persistent, focused and concentrated on one goal. Ceramics lessons help enhance the dimensional view of an object, its representation in space, as well as a sense of form and an appreciation for art.