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      Growing Social Teen Camp

      Grow Up Social!

      The GROWING SOCIAL summer program is professionally crafted for our Russian-speaking teenagers* with a focus on:

      • Growing Emotional Intellect. Learning Self-Control Techniques;
      • Motivation & Positive Thinking;
      • Determining Personal Values and How They Influence Your Life;
      • Strengthening Problem Solving Skills & Conflict Resolutions;
      • Effective Communication & Making New Friends in an Unfamiliar Environment;
      • Time Management in Achieving Your Life Goals;
      • Developing Creative & Critical Thinking Through Art;
      • Improving Russian Language Communication Skills.

      *Advanced Russian Language skills are NOT required.

      Session Program includes:

      • Trainings & Experiential Learning Activities;
      • Sports & Outdoors;
      • Field Trips.

      Staff: The programs are held by experienced, qualified staff specializing in psychological skills training, child development and education.

      Environment: Metaphor Academic Center is a licensed and insured educational establishment that works in compliance with all the applicable rules and regulations.

      For more information please email us at