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Speech Therapy

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A speech therapist can notice speech abnormalities of your child’s speech, find out the reasons for their occurrence and determine the correct methods of correcting speech.

Consultation with a speech therapist is highly desirable in the period from three to five years of age, because at this age many children misinterpret sounds.

How can a speech therapist help?

  • Teach how to pronounce words or sounds correctly;
  • Develop and improve children’s phonemic perception;
  • Painlessly stretch the hyoid ligament (bridle), which interferes the normal pronunciation of the sounds L and R in Russian;
  • Make it easier for your child to learn to read and write;
  • Solve the problem of dyslexia and dysgraphia;
  • Work out the ability to create stories.

We highly recommend consulting a speech therapist, taking a joint lesson-workshop for children and their parents. So you can independently prevent the possible difficulties of pronunciation of the sounds of your child in all languages.