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Metaphor Academic Center offers a special Saturday program, which prepares middle school students for such exams, as the NEWL (Prototype AP Russian) and Credit Exam for World Languages.

Why should I take this exam?

The exam is designed to assess language proficiency and enable students to earn two pass-or-fail credits (levels one and two) in the language. Credits are added to the student transcript and are applicable toward fulfilling the world languages requirement for the Advanced Studies Diploma.


The exam is for students in grades 7 through 12 who speak Russian as a native language. Students must be able to read and comprehend exam instructions and writing prompts in the exam language. They must be able to write two well-developed essays in the exam language, each consisting of at least three paragraphs, using complete sentences in cohesive paragraphs on a variety of topics and personal experiences.

How can I prepare for the exam?

Beginning from the 9th grade (children from ages 12-13) Metaphor school includes ESSAY writing training in Russian in its programs. Children learn how to write essays, the main rules of writing essays, improve their essay writing skills, analyze their and other authors’ essays. Also, in parallel, work is underway to expand students’ vocabulary on the given topics (“Family”, “School”, “Free time”, etc.), as well as working on spelling and punctuation.

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