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Online Book Clubs for Kids & Teens

Follow the evolution of Russian classics and modern literature. The course covers different literature genres from historical and cultural perspectives.[...]

Online Music Classes

Join our weekly virtual trip to a new part of the world. Discover diverse musical traditions, learn new songs, and review some basic elements of music theory.[...]

Online Speech Development Classes

Our speech therapist classes are offered to all kids interested in improving their pronunciation, developing their vocabulary, and oral comprehension.[...]

Online Art Classes

Art is the key to emotional, social, and cognitive growth. There are no boundaries to our kids’ imagination and creativity! There are no borders to their abilities of observation, interpretation, and imagination![...]

Online Math Classes

We introduce our students to the Queen of Science - Mathematics. Kids master the language of numbers, signs, and shapes according to their age, passion, and level of engagement.[...]

Online Chess Classes

Game of Chess enhances students’ overall brain activity, develops their strategic thinking, memory, and problem-solving skills. Come play with us![...]

Online History Classes

An exciting introduction to Russian History in tales- interesting and easy to comprehend. The interactive classes help little bilingual explorers to make new discoveries and get acquainted with their heritage.[...]

Russian Online Classes

Our online classes led by professional teachers will help to improve your child's Russian skills[...]