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      Totalny Dictant

      For everyone who can write

      Totalny Diktant is an annual educational event for writing a dictation designed to promote the Russian language and literacy around the world. Our Center invites everyone* to refresh their knowledge of their native language and to train and test their language abilities.

      Metaphor has held this event for five years already and has greeted bravehearts of all ages – anywhere between 10 and 85. Indeed, the love for Russian knows no bounds!


      The text is read out loud twice – first by our local reader, and then by the author, online. The text is not too long, no more than two handwritten pages, but there are so many grammar traps along the way! That’s because not only are your listening skills tested, but also your style, spelling and punctuation skills, not to mention your composure and discipline.

      How can I participate if I am not a native speaker?

      This year non-native speakers of Russian will have an opportunity to write a version of TD called TruD, which is especially adapted for students of Russian as a foreign language.

      How do I get my results online?

      In order to view your results after the contest is over, you need to:

      • Register at the official website:
      • Click on “Sign in” in the top right corner and choose the tab “Create an account” in the pop-up box.
      • Enter your email address and password.

      Terms and conditions:

      Participation is FREE, anonymous and open to all aged 10 and older.


      The annual competition takes part every April. Follow our calendar to save the date!

      To learn more about this contest and its history, please follow the link:

      For more information please email us at