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Saturday Academic Program

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Play, learn and grow together!

Welcome to the Metaphor Saturday Academic Program!

We provide:

  • Academic and extracurricular enrichment activities;
  • Stimulating environment for bilingual improvment and growth;
  • Positive interaction with professional and loving teachers;
  • Academic support and enrichment to complete homework and foster creativity;
  • A friendly environment to boost your child’s positive self-esteem and confidence;
  • Opportunities to develop new hobbies and skills;
  • Recreational activities to improve your child’s focus, movement coordination and physical well-being;
  • Fun and safe place during after school hours.

The program offers a variety of academic development and recreational activities. Please choose up to 4 activities per semester.

Russian Language Instruction. Your children will learn to express themselves better in both conversational and written Russian. Instruction will be tailored to student age as well as current language skill level. Curriculum will include such subjects as Conversational Russian and the Art of Speech, Russian Grammar, Express Yourself in Written Russian, and Russian Literature. Our teaching techniques also target students for whom Russian is their second language.

AP Russian/World Languages Program – a special Saturday program that not only teaches Russian language, literature and culture, but also prepares high school students for the NEWL/Prototype AP Russian exam and World Languages credit. Read more>>

Russian History and World Geography classes are provided beginning with the Third Grade level, and will be selected to reinforce and supplement basic language skill instruction. In subsequent grades, history and geography material will be expanded to complement improved Russian language skills.

Russian Literature Classes. The course includes reading and study of literary works in Russian. Students become familiar with the facts of life of Russian writers and learn to analyze and discuss the literature. Extra program is a visiting of Russian cultural (literature and poetic) events.

Creative studios:

Recreation time:

  • Homework help
  • Learning and memory games
  • Library


A snack is NOT provided for all Saturday Program participants.


Program activities take place on site at the Metaphor Academic Center. All classrooms, auditoriums and school playgrounds are safe and well secured.


The Saturday Academic Program is held by experienced, qualified and caring staff specializing in child development and education.


You need to bring your child to the school.

License and Insurance

Metaphor Academic Center is a licensed and insured educational establishment that works in compliance with all the applicable rules and regulations.