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      Total Dictation (“Totalny Diktant”)

      Total Dictation is an international event that takes place every April. It is organized in the US by the Russkiy Mir Center, NY, and Metaphor Academic Center for Russian Language and Culture, VA, with publicity provided by

      Total Dictation is rightfully called so, and now it’s earning its reputation in several key aspects such as being impressively vast in terms of coverage area as well as unexpectedly ruthless in terms of grammar. It doesn’t only examine your literacy, but also your linguistic vigilance, intuition, and responsiveness. In other words, it’s a challenge for your competence in the Russian language, its exquisite intricacies, and endless capabilities.

      Metaphor Academic Center has been hosting Total Dictation for many years now, inviting the brave ones aged 14 to 75. Indeed, the love for the Russian language has no boundaries! The dictation itself is usually preceded by reviewing rarely used grammar rules that might have gotten a bit rusty. The text is dictated twice, first by a local reader, and then online by the author.

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