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      Russian Medvezhonok (Russian Bear Cub)

      As is customary, the ‘Russian Medvezhonok – linguistics for all’ international Russian language competition has taken place in the Greater Washington area. Russian Embassy School (Washington, D.C.) and “Metaphor” Academic Center for Russian Language and Culture (Falls Church, VA) organized the event in our area under the patronage of Rossotrudnichestvo. Over a hundred participants received their diplomas and souvenirs.

      Over the years, “Russian Medvezhonok” has attracted more than three million Russian speaking children from twenty different countries including the USA. The organizers aim for a very ambitious goal of introducing education through entertainment and logical exercises for evaluating Russian language skills of school-aged children all over the world.

      Don’t be afraid of this novelty event. The main goal for all participants is to test their strengths, sharpen new skills, and receive new experience. “Russian Medvezhonok” is another step on our children’s way to mastering the Russian language!

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