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      Russian Citizenship Exam

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      Metaphor Academic Center for Russian Language and Culture, an official representative of Pushkin State Russian Language Institute, a full-fledge member of the “Pushkin Institute” partnership in the United States, holds examinations of the Russian Language for foreign citizens and stateless individuals with the purpose of obtaining citizenship of the Russian Federation.

      If the examination is passed successfully a candidate receives a State Certificate proving a basic knowledge of Russian Language. The certificate has no expiration date and is necessary for filing for Russian citizenship.

      The examination is administered on the last Friday of every month if three or more candidates register for the exam.

      Test Duration is 4 hours.

      The test consists of five subtests:

      • Reading
      • Writing
      • Vocabulary / Grammar
      • Listening
      • Speaking

      Exam Administration Dates:

      Testing fee: $115 in cash or by check.

      The examination is administered on the third Thursday/Friday of every odd month unless fewer than three candidates register for the exam.

      Please follow our calendar to save the date!

      Testing fee: $115 in cash or by check.

      To register for the exam, please print out, fill in and sign the registration forms (see below). Please send us the documents at and follow our further instructions.


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      Participation Agreement (available upon request at

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