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      Pushkin Institute Certification / Children

      Check and develop your language skills!

      The Pushkin State Russian Language Institute, in cooperation with the Ministry of Science and Education and Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation, offers certificated examinations in Russian in compliance with Council of Europe standards.

      Why should I take this exam?

      If you are studying Russian and want to:

      • check and objectively evaluate your own knowledge;
      • be motivated for further study;
      • enter a prestigious college;
      • find a good job while practicing your language skills;
      • prove to friends and teachers what you achieved through your language study;
      • improve your self-esteem;

      You should take the Pushkin Institute exam and receive an internationally recognized certificate, which is valid forever.

      Where can I take the exam?

      Our Center is an official Examination Center authorized and approved by the Pushkin State Russian Language Institute. We offer the following certified examinations of Russian language for children:

      Age ‘Metaphor’ level ‘Pushkin Institute’ level
      6 y.o. Levels 2-3 A Start (entrance test)*
      7 y.o. Level 3 A1
      9 y.o. Level 5 A2
      11 y.o. Level 7 B1
      13 y.o. Level 9 B2

      *A Start is an entrance exam, which helps to choose the educational program for a child: Russian as a Foreign Language OR Russian as a Second Language (for bilingual children).

      Exam structure:

      Each level comprises five modules testing linguistic skills in:

      • Reading;
      • Writing;
      • Vocabulary and Grammar;
      • Listening Comprehension;
      • Speaking.

      How can I prepare for the exam?

      Beginning from the 3rd grade Metaphor school includes Pushkin Institute testing training in Russian in its programs.

      Level A Start:

      Level A1:

      Level A2:

      Level B1:

      Exam Administration Dates:

      At the end of the school year (April-May) Metaphor students take the exams during the Saturday program.

      For more information please contact us at