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      Explore the world through acting!

      ‘We do not teach how to pronounce words, but to put meaning into words’

      Theater is a magical force that opens the door to the unusually bright and diverse world of a child, where there is room for all possible plots, characters and languages. Role playing is the best way to share information. Emotional interpretation is the best way to learn the material.

      The theater studio at our Center was founded in 2005. Over the years, the Center has created three drama studios of different ages, which are a worthy addition to the general educational program of teaching Russian.

      We believe that creativity is revealed at an early age, when the imagination is rampant, fantasies are limitless, and associations are unpredictable. New artists can improve their stage skills, bring the text and its interpretation alive with emotion for the viewers. Trough theater and acting, children’s’ creativity can blossom to its full potential.

      Students’ theater serves as an additional classroom with coordinated conversational Russian language instruction. Basic acting techniques are introduced through monologues, scenes, and improvisations. The students are taught to perform in a creative manner.

      In our Center we offer three acting studios for children:

      • Ages 3 to 5;
      • Ages 5 to 7;
      • Ages 8 to 9.

      Musical theater is a creative studio combining vocal, theatrical mastery and stage design lessons. The final product of each project is a full-fledged musical production, from beginning to end created by our talented students from 5 to 12 years old.

      The children perform at different concerts, festivals and competitions, like International Festival of Russian-speaking Children’s and Youth Theaters, etc.