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      Math Classes

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      Aspire, Aim & Achieve

      Math classes help to develop logical thinking, fast reactions, and a well coordinated mindset.

      Our tasks:

      • Stimulating enthusiasm for the development of mathematical skills through an informal discussion of tasks in an atmosphere of friendly competition
      • Development of skills for solving non-standard problems that do not arise in the traditional school curriculum
      • Development of a creative approach to problem solving
      • Development of children’s self-confidence, the ability to work in a team, the ability to formulate and explain the solution received
      • Participation in the team, receiving letters and awards will encourage children and contribute to the development of their portfolio

      Our Mathletes Team participates in such regional and national level competitions as:

      • Mathcounts;
      • MOEMS (Math Olympiads For Elementary & Middle Schools);
      • Math Kangaroo.

      We also take part in math fairs, as well as excursions to Math Festival, Washington DC, etc.

      Mariya Emelianenko, coach and Professor of Mathematics at George Mason University prepares the children for the competitions every Tuesday.