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      Spin a rhythm!

      Dance classes provide an excellent foundation that will last a lifetime. Along with the development of a sense of rhythm and melody, the development a musical ear, the ability to concentrate and move on the stage, studies in the studio instill the most important thing – the love of music and dance.

      Each rehearsal is a search, discovery and joy of creating a single rhythmic drawing. Each performance is an amazing holiday, created by the talent of our students.

      The International Folk Dance classes are held every Saturday. Children between ages 6 to 9 are welcome to participate.

      Choreographer and art director – Olga Orgaeva, winner of the “Choreography and Dance” category of the International Festival of Russian-speaking Children’s and Youth Theaters, Washington 2018.

      Zvezdochka Dance and Vocal group prepares young starts to performance on the stage and helps children to improve their vocal and dance skills, as well as work on the expressiveness of their communication with the listener and the audience.

      Zvezdochka Vocal and Dance Group Director – Ludmila Kokoyanin

      Zvezdochka Vocal and Dance Group Choreographer and Dance Instructor – Tatiana Popova

      Ballroom classes will give your child an opportunity to open a world of grace and beauty of the classical dances, while building self-confidence, physical strength, coordination, agility and flexibility, and improving social skills.