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      Ceramics classes contribute to the development of the child’s imagination and creative thinking. Through the images embodied in clay, the little man tries to express what he cannot yet say in words. Modeling is recommended to accelerate the development of finger motility, which in turn stimulates the work of the brain area responsible for the development of speech.

      During the lessons, children discover the secrets of creating Russian traditional Dymkovo, Kargopol and Filimon toys, learn about the history of ancient Russian crafts. Young sculptors get acquainted with different techniques of working with clay, master one of the ancient methods of hand-molding from thin clay strands or strips, and study various types of painting and decoration of products.

      The manufacture of ceramic products requires attention, patience, accuracy, and develops perseverance, the ability to focus and concentrate on a given goal. Ceramics lessons help to form a three-dimensional vision of the object, its presentation in space, a sense of form and artistic taste.

      The harmonious combination of creative inspiration, painstaking work and reverent attitude to the child’s talents will help him feel like a real artist and sculptor, able to express and realize his own fantasies.

      Sculpture and Ceramics Teacher – Elena Tchernomazova