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      No Rules Grammar

      How do children learn the language? The speech complexity chain is usually built the classic way: sounds, syllables, words, word collocations, sentences, text. As we build and reinforce such a chain, we need a break from the monotonous routine of traditional textbooks. Away with memorizing dull and boring rules! A child’s speech develops through memorizing already existing phrases and expressions, which gradually teaches them to build their own words and phrases based on the given examples. The main goal in teaching a preschooler is to enrich their speech and to activate their passive vocabulary.

      Through playful, rhymed texts, children learn grammatical structures and accumulate linguistic knowledge that they require. Enunciate, compose, rhyme, laugh, and use your imagination! Using the language has to be bright and vivid, loud and fun. The use of phrases and expressions has to become automatic, so that telling and explaining is nice and smooth.

      The course content is introduced gradually, starting with listening tasks and finishing with practice and revision exercises. Performing exercises aimed at mastering a specific lexico-grammatical skill, but presented differently every time is an integral part of the process. It is essential to support every step of the process with individual visual material, flash cards and storytelling pictures, lotto games, toys, models, tiles, various schemas and diagrams. This creates an atmosphere that encourages internal and external mobility, ensures full control over mastering new knowledge and skills, as well as allows for efficient use of academic time.