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      Keys to Avid Reading

      Reading is a sophisticated, complex process that can be very ambiguous for a bilingual child. Learning to read is not that simple, unless you define reading as just memorizing the alphabet and combining letters into syllables and later into words. This mechanical skill of building symbols into words can never replace the ability to actually perceive the text and discover its emotional and stylistic nuances.

      A book is a reward, a pleasure, a time of rest, a magic adventure, a chance for all your sacred dreams to come true! Open this world to your child as early as possible, at that amazing time when they still cannot decipher letters. That’s the time when their power of observation and their childlike fineness of feelings can by far make it up for the lack of knowledge and experience that will be gained later.

      Our fast-paced modern world measures the benefit of reading by how effectively you can elicit information, while the love of reading is defined by the amount of pleasure you receive in the process. The only things that cannot be measured are the breadth of your vision, the level of your erudition and the depth of your personality. Let us use books to ensure the little person has infinite perception and limitless thinking skills! Read more>>