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      After School Programs

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      Play, learn and grow together!


      • Elementary school level
      • Monday through Friday
      • From 4:00 to 6:00 pm
      • Transportation from school to Metaphor
      • Reading, Writing and Grammar
      • Art, Sculpture and Ceramics
      • Math, Science and Chess
      • Creative Speech
      • Vocal and dance classes
      • Field Trips
      • School closing and Siblings days
      • Aftrenooon snack provided

      We provide:

      • Academic and extracurricular enrichment activities;
      • Stimulating environment for bilingual improvment and growth;
      • Positive interaction with professional and loving teachers;
      • Academic support and enrichment to complete homework and foster creativity;
      • A friendly environment to boost your child’s positive self-esteem and confidence;
      • Opportunities to develop new hobbies and skills;
      • Recreational activities to improve your child’s focus, movement coordination and physical well-being;
      • Fun and safe place during after school hours.

      The program offers a variety of academic development and recreational activities. Please choose up to 4 activities per semester.

      Academic activities:

      • Russian reading and writing
      • Basic Russian Grammar
      • Russian learning games
      • Creative Math
      • World around us
      • Art of speech

      Creative studios:

      Recreation time:

      • Homework help
      • Learning and memory games
      • Library


      A snack is provided for all after school program participants.


      Metaphor International School van picks up students from their school location at each school’s release time. During the trip from the school, children are supervised by the teacher on duty.


      Program activities take place on site at the Metaphor International School. All classrooms, auditoriums and school playgrounds are safe and well secured.


      The programs are held by experienced, qualified and caring staff specializing in child development and education.

      License and Insurance

      Metaphor International School is a licensed and insured educational establishment that works in compliance with all the applicable rules and regulations.

      View or download the 2022-2023 School Year Calendar.

      View After School Program Schedule here.