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      Elementary School

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      Play, learn and grow together!

      Welcome to the Metaphor Elementary School!

      • Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm
      • Dual-Education Program for 1-5 Grades
      • Best methods of Russian classical elementary education
      • Local system requirements and standards
      • Daily healthy meals included
      • Experienced and highly qualified instructors
      • Graduation Documents provided

      Hours of Operation

      Three schedule options are offered to our students:

      • 8 am – 4:30 pm – one creative class is included
      • 8 am – 6:00 pm – after school program is included


      We will assure a rich and challenging program based on the best methods of Russian classical elementary education with the consideration of local system requirements and standards. The taught subjects will include

      • Russian Grammar, Reading and Writing
      • English Grammar, Reading and Writing
      • Math, Logic and Science – taught in Russian and English
      • Our beloved Music, Gymnastics and Nature Discovery Classes are also incorporated into our busy schedule
      • Kids’ yoga and breathing techniques will be helping our students to transition from one part of their saturated day into the next.

      Immersion Russian Language Program vs. Duo-Education

      Metaphor is proudly presenting the Duo-Education program. What does it mean for you and your child?

      • The subjects are taught in Russian language in the first part of each day before lunch.
      • The same subjects are taught in English language in the early afternoon hours.
      • All disciplines, including Math, Logics, Social Studies and Science, are taught in both Russian and English languages with two Russian speaking teachers and two English speaking teachers staying in close touch regarding the syllabus and topics covered.

      Recesses and Meals

      The traditional preschool morning outdoor activities are being eliminated on the Elementary school level.

      • The playground time is scheduled for after lunch before they start their set of afternoon classes.
      • Nature Discovery Outdoor class held once a week will substitute for some of the recess time.
      • All thirty-five minute classes are followed by a bell ring J and a ten minutes break.
      • Four meals a day are provided to each student interested in our Food Plan.

      Mandatory Curriculum and Supplementary Subjects

      We are proud to introduce the list of both mandatory and supplementary subjects of the ES Education Program:

      • Russian Grammar, Reading and Writing
      • Math, Logic and Science in Russian
      • Social Studies in Russian
      • English Grammar, Reading and Writing
      • English Speech Development and Creative Writing
      • Math, Logic and Science in English
      • Nature Discovery Course
      • Music and Choir
      • Choreography and Dance
      • Gymnastics
      • Art / Drawing
      • Sculpture
      • Ceramics

      Graduation Documents, Transcripts and Certificates

      Upon completion of our Duo-Education Program a student will receive several documents

      • a Transcript
      • a Certificate of Completion
      • a Recommendation for entering Advanced Academic Programs (AAP) if qualified


      The Academic Program is held by experienced, qualified and caring staff specializing in child development and education.

      License and Insurance

      Metaphor School is a licensed and insured educational establishment that works in compliance with all the applicable rules and regulations.

      Advanced Academics Placement

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      Safety Measures and Precautions

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