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      International Certification / Children

      Check and develop your language skills!

      We offer certificated examinations in Russian language in compliance with Council of Europe standards.

      If you are studying Russian and want to:

      • check and objectively evaluate your own knowledge;
      • be motivated for further study;
      • enter a prestigious college;
      • find a good job while practicing your language skills;
      • prove to friends and teachers what you achieved through your language study;
      • improve your self-esteem;

      You should take a Russian language examination and receive an internationally recognized certificate.

      Where can I take the exam?

      Our Center is an examination lab. We offer the following certified tests of Russian language for children:

      Age ‘Metaphor’ level ‘Pushkin Institute’ level
      6 y.o. Levels 2-3 A Start (entrance test)*
      7 y.o. Level 3 A1
      9 y.o. Level 5 A2
      11 y.o. Level 7 B1
      13 y.o. Level 9 B2

      *A Start is an entrance exam, which helps to choose the educational program for a child: Russian as a Foreign Language OR Russian as a Second Language (for bilingual children).

      Exam structure:

      Each level comprises five modules testing linguistic skills in:

      • Reading;
      • Writing;
      • Vocabulary and Grammar;
      • Listening Comprehension;
      • Speaking.

      Level A Start:

      • Reading
      • Listening
      • Interview

      Level A1:

      • Vocabulary
      • Reading
      • Writing
      • Listening
      • Grammar
      • Speaking

      Level A2-B1:

      • Vocabulary/Grammar
      • Reading
      • Writing
      • Listening
      • Speaking

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